Carten Sudhoff

Senior strategic advisor to Executive Committees and Boards on topics related to business development

Expert trainer in field of building collaborative ecosystems to drive business performance

Colin Sanctuary

Health & Medtech Business Leader, Storyteller & Digital Communicator

Health tech start-ups, digital health, financial plans, social communication. 20 years experience

Florian Ducommon

Partner Avocat, LL.M McGill

Florian Ducommun is a recognized and seasoned attorney in technology, innovation, blockchain and Fintech.

Muriel Conchon Chartouni

Financial analyst | Internal Audit | Project management

Corporate Finance
Enterprise Risk management
Business Process Optimization (SOP)
Project Management consultancy
20 years of experience

Robert Zaremba

Solution Architecture

Protocol Development
Data Intelligence and FinTech
15 years experience

Kate Lindley

Organisational Expert‚Äč & Coaching Human Resources

Subject Matter Expert
Organisational Development Talent Management
30 years experience

Mike Belton

Mergers & Aquisitions Resources and Energy

Subject Matter Expert
Growth Plans
30 years experience

Julie Engelen

Marketing & Communication & Brand Strategy

Public Relations, Media Relations, Investor Relations
Crisis Management
15 years experience

Paolo Botti

Biotechnology/Preclinical Drug Development

Subject Matter Expert
Peptide and Protein Therapeutics
25 years experience